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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 19, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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a pleasure being with you today. i know we are almost up but from this side of the pond to your side of the pond all the best and have a great weekend everybody. it is friday. carley: yes, thank you. thank you benjamin for telling us it's international nap day, have a good one. >> the bill is passed. >> the house has approved two immigration bills creating a pathway to citizenship for millions. >> do you think more will come under the new administration? >> their partners dealing with christ in us on the border. >> crisis on the border. >> challenges on the border. >> that's not reflective of the change. >> you have been vaccinated and you parade around into masks for show. >> let me just state for the record that masks are not theater. >> the first high-stakes diplomatic meeting between the biden an initiation in china is not going well.
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>> if both the russians and the chinese are in confidence they can an offense against the united states and those are dangerous signs. >> another big blunder from the commander-in-chief. >> president harris and i —- president harrison i took a virtual tour of the vaccination center in arizona. ♪♪ ainsley: we always say that. what a morning, you all. that's a beautiful shot of the lands. hello to our friends down there in georgia. peter, glad to be back with you. brian: i got sick of seeing all the new york city shots and videos and i said guys, let's get shots from around america. peter: hold on, i'm from kansas. could we possibly get a shot from somewhere out —- we are
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getting a live shot right now from oklahoma which is not from kansas but were going to bethany, oklahoma. lawrence jones is live at the stray dog café in oklahoma. lawrence, you got to start by fearing out this morning over the next three hours why they call that place the stray dog. reporter: no, i'm done trying to figure that out and hopefully we can get that question answered. like you guys i'm sick of the new yorker bubble as well in the media bubble and that does not represent us mainstream americans so we are here where freedom is smelling real good here and back open, businesses back open and they are still doing it safely but they are giving people a choice here. we will talk with people about the first 100 days and what they feel is going well, what is not going well and how does it feel to be back to work. remember, it was two weeks to slow the spread and it turned
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into a year. a lot of folks here fired up and we will talk to guys throughout the hour, throughout the morning actually. ainsley: i love those diners but can't wait to hear what folks are saying. pete: well, it will not be that i can tell you that but all code restrictions are lifted and it's 100% capacity, you know, masks, no masks, your choice. reporter: that's right. freedom is back with the people and that's what it is all about paradigm from texas and they did the same thing. it's not about limiting folks and not about not being safe. they are saying look, you get control of your destiny. they said two weeks to sell the spread and people would go back to work and that they would see their families and people want their kids back in school and they wanted businesses to flourish in these states, just like oklahoma, are doing it. ainsley: nice to see one community after another or one area or one state after another opening up. peter: good news is we been waiting a year for the vaccine and now we've got the news,
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100 million shots in arms and that is good news. he will have a shot of coffee and figure out why it's called the stray dog, live from oklahoma. lawrence, we will see later. pete: he has an assignment on his assignment. the house approves two immigration bills as well creating a pathway to citizenship for millions amid a border crisis. peter: dreamers and farmers among others may eventually become permanent residents but the legislation is expected to hit a wall called the u.s. senate, ainsley. ainsley: not expected to fly there. everyone says it will be doomed there but we will see. fox news exclusive griffin jenkins is live in el paso, texas with a ride along to see the crisis firsthand. what did you find out, griff? reporter: good morning, ainsley, pete and steve. that is the lights behind me and as the dhs and the biden and ministration continues to totally deny access to the media
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to see what is happening so the american people can see it firsthand we were able to go on an exclusive right along with senator rob portman of ohio, ranking member of the senate homeland scaredy committee and he was not accompanying the border patrol official but was with the national border patrol council but we were able to get into a very busy night after which we interviewed him and here is what he said, listen. >> i saw tonight was happening all over the border with more and more people coming, more unlawful entries and in fact, 100,000 plus in february and that's up almost 30% from january so it's getting worse and worse. reporter: ainsley, we just got back a few hours ago in the span of a few hours we were out there when it really got hot and there were more than 25 migrants apprehended and an important note these are not the family units in the individuals surrendering but runners and non- wanted to be caught and had to be tracked down. thankfully, with the manpower and abilities of the border patrol and we talked to one of the migrants who spoke english
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to spend some time in chicago for four being deported and he says there is no end in sight. listen do you think more will come under the new administration? >> it will not stop, ever. it will not stop. [laughter] reporter: there you have it, we heard that for multiple migrants who were apprehended last night and we also learned in my interview with senator portman that dhs secretary mayorkas is making a visit out here this morning to tour the border in el paso and to be with senator portman and others and we reached out to dhs for comments or details and we have not heard back yet, ainsley, pete and steve. steve: doing a great down job down at the border. thank you, yesterday the associated press reported that one of the sites they are taking the children to is a converted oil worker camp in midland,
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texas and apparently they have stopped taking kids that teenagers there because of the well-being of the kids apparently they have got 458 kids there and over 10% of them have covid. there is no social distancing going on, is a super spreader event. pete and i were just talking, a member when the trump administration was sued because they had separated the kids from their parents at the borders, right? and i was five or six on a people. right now the u.s. government has 14000 migrant kids in custody and a lot are sleeping on the floor and they are hungry and they are not allowed to go outside for days and that is why there are no pictures inside those places. those are pictures griffin cap of the government will not let us look. ainsley: senator cornyn said turner child over to a human smuggler and they may physically or sexually assaulted and they
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might be robbed and he says it is not humane. jen psaki, we've asked her is this a crisis and she says it's a challenge but did you see yesterday she slipped up and called it a crisis, listen to this. >> that they would be partners in dealing with the crisis on the border. >> it's a crisis on the border? >> challenges on the border. >> but so, that's not reflect change in the administration with you to deal with things. >> no. steve: just a word salad bird you got to think she's thinking do not say crisis, do not say crisis. pete: do not state what it is. steve, you mentioned how many are in custody and many are staying a week longer than is legal for them to be staying in is supposed to be 72 and many in these places for up to ten days and stay, you have your raised hand raised in a may: you. steve: 72 hours by law but yesterday more than 500 of the
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kids had been kept more than 240 hours. pete: and what do they say? under the trump administration they were kids in cages, even though they were built under the obama administration and now they are in a jail like status is what it's called. you mentioned the oil facility because there's also a dallas convention center holding 3000 illegal teenagers and what is that called? fema is calling that a decompression center. steve: you know what it is? it's a super spreader event. pete: of course, but they slept new words on it whether challenger crisis and try to pretend like it's different when this is a human disaster created by their policy. ainsley: and the governor there we talked about this yesterday, he wants to go into that facility and they won't let him in so he wants to go into that facility and he's the governor to talk to these kids in sight let's find out how you got here and were you trafficked and have you been abused. steve: why don't they want him or us to go in?
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because there is no social distancing. they are sleeping on the floor and they don't want those images out and that is, remember when donald trump was president the outcry on all the channels that they were having town halls on all the news channels talking about it? it is the same thing only ten times worse. pete: it's most transparent and ministration we've ever seen. dan bongino time john and listen to this. >> if you had a checklist of one to ten items if you are trying to screw up the immigration situation at the border biden is at 9.962 right now, kindness is not a public policy. kindness at the expense of other people is not kindness at all, by the way, that is actually meanness not kindness. the question i ask people who believe kindness is a public policy is how many immigrants have you sponsored? donald trump who ran on a pretty strict immigration policy of law and order want outperforming historically well amongst
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hispanic voters across the spectrum, cuban, puerto rican, latin american voters, central american voters so all the stuff is made up garbage. pete: so how are the democrats trying to convince the republicans in the senate to go ahead and vote for these two bills that were passed yesterday? they plan on saying that if you pass it, it will fix the border and this is one of the 16 talking points the white house sent out. and all the problems there are because of donald trump who broke the system. although, all of those republicans are going to wait minute, we do not have a not a crisis at the southern border until they won with joe biden signing those executive orders. ainsley: senator rand paul and doctor anthony fauci were sparring over wearing masks after you've gotten the vaccine during the senate hearing and listen to this. >> you are telling everyone to our mask whether they've had an infection or a vaccine and what
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i'm saying is they have immunity and everybody agrees they have immunities what studies do you have the people who have had the vaccine or have had the infection are spreading the infection. if we are not spreading the infection isn't just theater? if you've had the vaccine and you are wearing testing isn't that the vaccine? that's theater. >> here we go again with the theater but let's talk about back spirit when talk about reinfection and you don't keep in the concept of variance that is an entirely different ballgame and that is a good reason for a mask. >> what proof is there that there is significant reinfection's with hospitalizations and deaths from the variance? none in our country. zero per you won't get the vaccine, give them a reward but instead of telling them that the 90 nanny state will be there for three more years and have to wear mass forever but people don't want to hear there is no science behind it. steve: the cdc was about ten days ago came out and said if you have had the vaccine, you can be closer than socially
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distant with somebody else who is had the vaccine after the vaccination two week time but indoors but when you are out and about you've got to keep wearing the mask. there have been different, you know, it is like do we wear a mask if we had the vaccine? if i have had the vaccine joy wear a mask? ainsley: he said don't worry mask and then he said were mask and then he said were to masks and that is what katie pavlich is talking about. watch this. >> doctor anthony fauci has been wrong. that exchange between doctor rand paul and doctor anthony fauci was just one of many that he has had where senator paul has been correct. if you go back to the hearing from last year in may you would senator rand paul arguing that schools should be open and that there wasn't a risk to children and that we had to have kids in school because of the risk of not having them in schools and at that time doctor anthony fauci argued that the school should remain closed. at this point, because there
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have been in so many devastating economic decisions and financial decisions made by state governments and the federal government as a result of doctor anthony fauci's bad advice i'm not willing to be charitable and there are consequences for his actions and he has been wrong on a lot of these things. >> he's been wrong time and time again picked look at that picture put he's testifying in front of capitol hill and how dare he only worked one mask. now it's where to masks. steve: there are two masks. pete: but there is double masking but what would you prefer? using your own common sense based on the information we have and your own risk threshold and some people want to double mask for the rest of their life so fine, go for it. other people are saying i'm willing to take the risk. you want to hit refresh on the cdc website day after day to see what some anthony fauci recent desire is for you and how to live your life. that is what senator rand paul is saying? let us choose. don't tell me i know and i get it in your science seems to be
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changing. now schools is 3 feet. it was 6 feet forever and now suddenly we can't get them in school and now it's three. okay so the science changes when it needs to change, tell me more. ainsley: doctor anthony fauci did say there is credence to what rand paul is saying for it he said they are different variance and he said in the uk the original was the 117 and he says the variance in new york is 526 and there are two variants in california and he says i'm just turn to project basically myself or others from the different variants but your point, it's more of what you told us this and then changed it and then you told us this and then you changed it so what do we believe? if you have the vaccine and then rand paul said if you want people and if you want to get rid of that vaccine hesitancy admit that we want people to get the vaccine. steve: exactly, and of all the advice that is out there right now from the cdc that i think the best is if you have been vaccinated you can be around
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other people who are fully vaccinated and that is the best reason for getting the shot and everybody i know, i was down in florida earlier in the week, half the people already had it and the other half are waiting to get it. pete: before the vaccine you still had a 99% survival rate if you were under the age of 75. 99%. then you add the vaccine to that and now you've got the 99% on top of the 99% and you are telling me to wear a double mask? you are a moron, sorry. ainsley: rand paul is coming out and we he is a doctor and if you have questions whether or not you should get the vaccine we will talk to him about that as well. steve: it is 6:16 in the east, good to have you with us, carley shimkus is with us along with pete on this friday, good morning. carley: good morning to you all. we begin your headlines with this. surveillance video shows the chilling moments of the first massage parlor shooting in atlanta. the footage obtained by the
3:17 am
daily mail shows the suspect eerily watching people at the parlor for exactly one hour before walking inside an opening fire or he then drives off and heads to two other parlors and minutes later for people are seen rushing out and police are arriving. the three hour crime spree left eight people dead, including six women of asian descent. police have not linked it to a hate crime to being a hate crime but say nothing is off the table. extreme weather, to reported tornadoes touched down during the second day of violent storms. at least one person was killed in mississippi. look at this intense wind and rain recklessly blowing those windy times. in alabama dramatic footage shows two sheds being blown away and cleanup begins as wednesday's tornado outbreak had at least 24 touchdowns across the self. the whistleblower on new york governor andrew cuomo handling of nursing home deaths speaks
3:18 am
out in an exclusive fox news interview. michael kraft explains the moment he heard about cuomo's order requiring all nursing homes to take in covid patients from overwhelmed hospitals. >> i said that's ridiculous but everyone heard about the story that happened in washington state and, you know, that was enough for me to understand that i can't put these people at risk and we can't be doing this. it's just not right to the residence. carley: meanwhile, one of the woman accusing cuomo of sexual harassment met with new york's attorney general to detail the administrations toxic workplace when she worked there amid mounting calls for cuomo to step down and a new poll finds 43% of registered voters want him to resign. okay, the oscars going all in on in person award shows. organizers say nominees cannot attend virtually saying it would
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diminish the evening in the los angeles event will be held next month but it is not the best look for la as schools there are partially reopening, middle of april, after a year of remote learning. of course, guys, the oscars are so much more important than school and everybody knows that, right? steve: it's a company town. a no business like show business. come on. ainsley: no business like show business. carley: that takes me back. i have not heard that in so long. pete: that's great, after kids click off zoom from school and they can watch that. steve: but no one will be zooming in because they will be life. pete: tempers flare during a high-stakes meeting between america and china. a live report on the tents sit down on u.s. soil up in alaska. let freedom ring, but not too loudly. while one condo board in north dakota wants to turn down freedom.
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but what have you been doing for the last two hours? ...delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. ainsley: latimer putin wishes biden good health after the commander in chief called the russian president a killer speak. pete: this is the u.s. and chinese officials spar in their first and that's putting it kindly, and their meeting under the biden administration. steve: benjamin hall joins us live from europe with the very latest. benjamin. >> good morning, russia now saying that there is clearly no evidence that the biden administration or present biden wants to move forward the relations between the two countries. this comes after president biden
3:25 am
said he believes that russian president vladimir putin was a killer. putin responded to that remark just by wishing the president good health. he also invited biden to hold open talks online in the coming days but the white house shut down the imitation same biden was very busy. all this as the ministration is using wraps up its first meeting with the chinese communist party in alaska. each side aggressively airing their grievances about the other on day one in front of a stunned press. secretary of state anthony highlighting this. >> the concerns with actions by china, including hong kong, taiwan, cyber attacks on the united states, economic coercion toward our allies. each of these actions threaten the rule spaced order and maintain global stability. >> china's foreign affairs director countries quote, we believe it is important for the united states to change its own
3:26 am
image and to stop advancing its own democracy and the rest of the world. the talks ended earlier this morning but there are scheduled for today so we will see how contentious those get in around two, back to you. steve: benjamin hall, overseas, thank you. what a day for international overseas news because you've got putin saying i want to do a zoom life with joe biden and my people will set it up for today or monday in the white house said, mr. biden is really busy but then what's extraordinary i think about the china story is that the anthony blink and is talking about how these human rights violations in their expansion and he left out covid. covid started in china so why wasn't he saying hey, you started this and you like to us and you did not do anything about it. who left that card out of tony lincoln's notes? that's what i want of started
3:27 am
but again i'm not sec. of state. ainsley: it is also interesting that he's basically saying i wish you well. some call you a killer and he said i'll take that and i wish you well and i wish you well and he did ask for an apology and recalled ambassador to washington dc but president biden will not have the zoom with him but i don't think putin really cares, do you? if someone calls he's a killer to think he says i wish you well. pete: what he says good health, we all know what he means. we wish you good health, mr. biden. of course we know what he is referring to. you can never say that the china virus according to our media and you can't talk about that so ultimately that is off the table for tony blinken and any negotiator and that is why china sea is us is fundamentally unserious but we are standing there at the table, woke out of our minds, wall around our own capital with wire if the national guardsmen there don't have a bullet in their magazine so it's all for show. our border is wide open and the crisis won't call it a crisis
3:28 am
and you think the chinese are taking us seriously? about whether we would stand up for taiwan, yeah, don't talk to us about strength, you are weak. steve: you got to figure the chinese delegation is sitting there in thinking, please don't bring up covid. don't bring up covid. don't bring up covid. i don't think they ever brought up covid. they brought the who and they like bring up covid all you want because you got the who in our pockets so what can you do about it? ainsley: who is in charge there? to do here biden yesterday saying president kamala harris, listen to this. >> president harris and i took a virtual tour of a vaccination center in arizona, not long ago. one of the nurses on that, on that tour injecting people, giving vaccinations said that each shot was like administering a dose of hope. ainsley: that's not the first time he has done that. 6:28 on the east coast.
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3:33 am
district, the high school teachers asking for a court order to be released from his union membership after the group joined calls to defund the police during last summer's george the boy to protest. that teacher, glenn, joins us right now from the los angeles area. glenn, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: tell us about last year when there were calls to defund the police and what you did? >> i was very concerned when they called a defund the police. it seemed like it was not really what we, as a union, should be doing and i felt it had a real negative aspect about campus security and the security of the communities around the campus and so when they wanted to defund the police it got to be such rhetoric and i got concerned and upset. steve: absolutely. you have approaching 40 years in the education business and you have seen with your own two eyes violence in your schools.
3:34 am
>> i have seen violence on campuses, off campuses, near campuses slashing, stabbing, choking, beating and the penultimate wasn't 1.1 my former students was shot in the back on the campus and then died on campus. steve: that is terrible. we understand where you're coming from better. what do you want now from the teachers union? you want your money and in fact, i understand when signed a contract last time you had to ask something out, didn't you? spirit they wanted us to reaffirm our commitment to the union and they handed out these little cards that basically was a contract between us as a teacher and with the union and they reaffirm that yes, we will be part of the union and part of the verbiage i was not comfortable with and i took a sharpie and crossed that off because i did not want to be
3:35 am
bound by it. steve: i understand. have you heard from them? this is a big story now and i'm sure you've gotten comments from friends and whatnot and have you heard from the union? >> i have not heard anything from any of the union personnel. everything is going through my attorney through the freedom foundation who have been helping me out in this entire process. i've got to give them, you know a bit of gratitude because otherwise i could not have afforded to do this fight. steve: sure. it's got to be a head scratcher, you are close to 40 years ago you decided you wanted to be a teacher and now just like so many other parts of american lives, suddenly the politics injected into it and it steers you away from what you are wanting to do in the first place. >> it gets frustrating seeing the political stuff that goes on. i've had some amazing students and i've had a fantastic career
3:36 am
and i met a wonderful school with wonderful administration and wonderful faculty and i have loved it for decades and that is why of done it for this long, it's been truly a godsend to have this career. steve: i bet. you have been at eagle rock high school since 1994. glenn, before you go why did you want to be a teacher in the first place? >> i started off as a campus aide, as a classroom assistant and i worked with the master teacher and he said you do this well and you should take over in my footsteps and then that was how i got started. steve: very good. glenn, thank you very much. let us know how things go. we reached out to the union for statement and we have not heard back. you will probably hear from them before we do so keep us posted. >> will do, thank you. steve: good luck to you. meanwhile, we are feeling the boomer sooner spirit because we
3:37 am
are having breakfast with friends in oklahoma. lawrence jones is talking to the diners and we will check in with him coming up next on fox news and oklahoma. ♪♪
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3:42 am
since last june and i almost promised oklahoma that i would make the right decision at the right time. our hospitalizations are down 85% and we have the lowest cases since last july and i will put our state data up against any other states that have much more draconian measures and are still looking down the businesses and kids are still not in school. it's unbelievable the difference between our state and some of these blue states. ainsley: that is oklahoma governor on her show on monday and he is one of about a dozen estates that are open now and getting closer and closer, one day at a time but this is wonderful news. lawrence jones is live at the stray dog café in bethany, oklahoma where all the remaining covid restrictions were lifted one week ago. hey, lawrence. >> hello, family. freedom smells good and good food and the opportunity to talk with folks. first up is jill. jill, you said that you are hopeful businesses are opening today. >> yeah, i mean, a lot of
3:43 am
businesses have been open and i'm excited and i've got my freedom shot on tuesday and i think there is a lot of hope in the air that things are hopefully getting back to normal and that we can see the end of that but at the same time we are still cautious and we're still suffering losses. i know businesses that are closing. this is the last week in business and those losses that we are seeing broader community made me sad. i'm glad the hope is near but i'm sad about the damage we suffered. reporter: thank you, jill. you said you not my anybody who wants to kill somebody but they just want the option to stay open. >> yeah, it's beneficial to remember that we are dealing with people and that everyone comes from their own understanding based on their own experience and i've not had any conversation with somebody who was like i want as many people to be hurt as possible and i believe a smart way to help
3:44 am
people and i think there's a really, really great opportunity to have a good, new normal. remembering that we are in this together as people of the united states and as people who exist on the planet at the same time and there's a really healthy way to go about this. reporter: i support you. i like oklahoma, too. we've got our leader here who is a member of the chamber and has different businesses in the city and you say you are hopeful today. why are you hopeful today? >> i am hopeful today because young's are still going on and i work in an immigration center and so we have stayed 6 feet apart this whole time, helping people become citizens, helping people put families together and so it's been a very productive time but the downside is the federal government was closed so everything is backed up. what used to take about, you
3:45 am
know, six months to become a citizen now it takes a year. i've been busy every day. reporter: we thank you for what you're doing in the community and doing at the right way. we've got lauren here, you say everything is about the value. >> it is about balance. as people start to come out because they didn't relieve restrictions in our state that that hope of when we walked away from our keyboards and turn off our tvs and when we come back together we remember that we have to find common ground to move forward and to work together because that is how we build the communities and that is my hope. reporter: we got to start working together but my name is lawrence and this man's name is lawrence and we will be here all morning and eating biscuits and gravy and these cinnamon rolls and i'll send it back to you in new york. steve: looked delicious. pete: biscuits and gravy, you can almost never go wrong. i love what that woman called it, the freedom shot. reporter: that's right. ainsley: thank you, lawrence.
3:46 am
steve: maybe not freedom shot because, you need alliteration, independence injection. pete: okay. ainsley: okay. freedom means like you are free and you can go out and live life again. steve: you can be around other people who have also gotten the shot and that's a good reason for you to get the shot. pete: i got it. you can have the freedom shot or the dodgy shot but you still have to work a double mask but with the freedom shot you can do whatever. ainsley: janice has the forecast for our weekend but happy, friday. >> happy friday, first day of spring arrives tomorrow and it's all good and that storm system the fox over two dozen trains is sweeping offshore and we do have colder air behind us this things will rebound as we get into the weekend so that is the good news and things starting to warm up. spring is on the way but yes, we had over two dozen reports of tornadoes across the south, the gulf coast toward the southeast and unfortunately we had a lot
3:47 am
of damage and destruction but this is the probability for march so we are right on target when it comes to tornadoes and we already have a head start with march, april and may and even into dune we typically see those as tornado months. we will continue to monitor that but otherwise a fantastic looking forecast for much of the country, a lot of sunny skies here in the west coast we will deal with a weaker system bringing coastal rains, mountain snow for the sierra nevada range, cascades and the rockies but otherwise a really nice forecast and there are your forecast ties for saturday, not too bad, looking good so bright sunshine and warmer temperatures on the horizon could we are getting there, my friends. steve: we are getting there. janice, there was a possibility we would have snow here in new york city overnight into this morning and so far, no snow. ainsley: you did mention snow next week though right? >> no, i don't think so. were you listening to a different forecast? ainsley: there is so much and we
3:48 am
have a three hour show and as you know. pete: stop while the watching the weather channel. steve: she was listening to the freedom forecast. [laughter] ainsley: janice, i will pay better attention next time. steve: so, no snow. if you are looking for ways to transform a room, look no further. home contractors skip will show you how to make over a room and if something has been bothering you about a wall he will show you how to do it but coming up next live on fox and friends. ♪♪ that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ the new myww+ gives you more of what you need to help you lose weight!
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pete: cards tomorrow so why not spend the weekend sprucing up your space. i just learned that and i did not know it starts to market here with tips and tools to revamp any room, home contractor skip. help us out, spring is coming and the means and projects. >> yeah, painting is easiest way to transform any room, pete. it is all in the prep. up till now you have to have all these ingredients to prep your walls and fix holes and things like that so all the stuff is in
3:53 am
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3:54 am
doors and windows. this is the choice of professionals because it is edge lock technology. and means that it seals out the paint from getting behind the tape and it makes it easy to get crisp lines without damaging the walls. i don't know if you pulled off painters tape but sometimes it takes the paint with it so this is a great tape. you pull this off slowly at a 4a perfectly crisp line every time. that's great tip. it will give you great results. the applicator is good so this is a new tool they have, the scotch blue paint applicator basically makes it easier for you to roll out your tape and as a sharp edge on it and you can get a nice clean cut which makes it easy to apply the tape. once you've got that tape pulled off you're ready to paint so benjamin moore, listen, if you want to get a professional result on your paint job, pete, you got to use the paint the pros use. i've been using this for years, benjamin ora.
3:55 am
and has a built in primer so it's got extreme hide all the scuffs and marks on your walls and with the primer it means less so it will tame you time and money and also you can go to their app and they have a smart app on their website, benjamin moore .com that allows you to see the colors right on their wall and you can superimpose it on the wall and pick out your color before you actually buy the paint when they makes it really nice. you can see it in your space. now that you've got the walls painted you want to go ahead and hang all your pictures and accessories so this is a 3m claw. it makes it so easy and takes all the measuring and figuring out in this presses into the wall like a thumbtack. roll the video we have. you can see you press it into the wall and anywhere onto the wall, you don't need a stud. you press it with your thumbs and will hold up to 15, 25 are all the way up to 45 pounds. again, you don't need to measure, you don't need a stud finder or find the stud but up to 45 pounds and it will hold
3:56 am
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pete: if the house approves two immigration bills, creating a pathway to citizenship for millions. griff: do you think more will come under the new administration? >> the first ever. >> the biden administration is again forcing an unofficial gag order on its agents. >> the only reason he would do this is to minimize, or keep people in the dark, about the extent of the problem. >> can you assure the american people that no one apprehended tests positive for covid-19? >> there were times we were compelsed to release them. >> whistleblowers speaking about an order from cuomo to place covid patients in nursing homes. >> we knew of the cases and
4:01 am
deaths going on in other facilities. >> all the new york state assembly speaker has to do is put the article of impeachment on the floor and he will be automatically removed. >> another day and yet another big blunder from the commander-in-chief. >> president harris and i [ repeated] took a virtual tour of a vaccination center in arizona. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: live from new york city and as you can see , orlando, florida as well, with fox & friends and you know, it's not that structure that you see screen left, but when you drive-thru one of the main drags in orlando they've got one of those carvana vending machines. pete: yes. steve: just like the commercial which i always thought it was just in the commercials. ainsley: the magic arena is right there on the highway, and then they have disney closeby, great place to be. it's warm weather, the state is opening up we want to say good
4:02 am
morning to all of our friends down in orlando. pete: i was recently down there for cpac it's beautiful and i didn't know this that orlando effectively is a town built around disney. i mean, when disney was built that's when orlando totally exploded. ainsley: is it in celebration or kissimmee? which one is it? steve: walt was a genius and he had a vision for a theme park, theme parks, and so what do you do when you want to do that? he bought up all the land and he had plenty of land to do it. ainsley: famous for saying my dad would say, "i hope i'll never be afraid to fail. " pete: that's the truth. steve: walt disney is from kansas city. meanwhile let's go to oklahoma and lawrence jones is at the stray dog cafe. lawrence, in the last commercial , i called the stray dog cafe and i spoke to suzi and i asked her why they call it the stray dog cafe and she told me that once upon a time, before they got started they wanted to have a hot dog place and they were going to call it the stray
4:03 am
dog, and they realized do you know what? we want to sell more than just hot dogs so they added cafe to the end of it. pete: is that correct, lawrence? ainsley: now you know. >> lawrence: that's correct, joe wanted to start a hot dog cafe essentially, where he has all of the specialties and hot dogs and then it ended up being this lovely place that has cinnamon rolls that i'm getting ready to destroy. anyway, guy, i'm in a free state you guys were just talking about florida. they call him america's governor now, so oklahoma is experiencing the same thing here. people are excited to be back to work, they are getting their shot, they are opening up safely , and they are fired up about a lot of things happening in the country. we're going to talk about this free state. we're going to talk about immigration, the double standard from the media. people are fired up and as you can see , it is packed here. steve: well it's probably those beautiful rolls right there or whatever that sweet roll. ainsley: bringing them in. >> lawrence: it's the cinnamon roll, the biscuits and gravy,
4:04 am
eggs, everything smells so good. after this hit, i'm going to eat a little bit and then i'll come talk with some folks. ainsley: they were smart with that menu because most people don't eat hot dogs for breakfast steve: that's right. pete: most people. steve: they've got something on the menu, i looked at it, they have something called the breakfast in bed which is biscuits and gravy, its got eggs , it looks delicious. pete: have that lawrence. >> lawrence: together so great ainsley: lawrence we'll check back in coming up and if you're just waking up lawrence interviewed someone in the first hour and she said she got her shot and got her freedom shot. pete: beautiful. ainsley: 7:04 on the east coast the house approves two immigration bills creating a pathway to citizenship for millions amid a border crisis. pete: dreamer, farmers among others may eventually become permanent residents according to the bill but the legislation is expected to hit a wall as reactions are right along party lines and the senate, not cool ing to the idea or warming to the idea excuse me, steve.
4:05 am
steve: it's not going to pass the senate, meanwhile in a fox news exclusive, griff jenkins, once again, down in el paso, texas, and this time, griff, as you join us and we can see the border behind you, you actually got into a vehicle with a very prominent american, and somebody else whose trying to keep the border safe to see with your own two eyes what's going on. griff: that's right, steve, ainsley, pete, good morning to you. as the biden administration is actively seeking to deny access to the media getting to the border to show americans what's happening, the border patrol chiefs want to speak to us, we went along for a ride-along with senator rob portman, of ohio whose the ranking member of the homeland security committee. he was with the national border patrol council's vice president, and we went out and we saw a lot of action. it's a very busy sector here in el paso. here is a little bit of what he told us after we went on the ride-along as it was
4:06 am
witnessing the numerous apprehensions that we saw. listen. >> i understand when you get a new administration, policies change, but they need to sit down and see what policies were working and continue moving forward to fix the problem. enough of is it a crisis or is it not? at the end of the day, we have issues out here and they need to be taken care of. griff: there's portions of new mexico in the el paso sector where we were witnessing more than 25 residents and we just got back a few hours ago and important to note the people arrested on this video were runners. they didn't want to be caught. they were seeking to evade the border patrol officials. we talked to some of the migrants as they were being arrested. here is what one of them said. >> president is saying that the new one coming is talking something else, no, nothing. griff: will you still come? >> probably, maybe?
4:07 am
griff: that migrant, who said his name was matt, told senator portman, he's coming because the pay is better here and the senator telling me that while that is certainly a reality that they need to come here for better pay and better life and there's a legal system and the right way to do it. the senator also telling me that dhs secretary will be coming here today meeting with him for a tour of the el paso sector. we're not clear on the details, we reached out to dhs for a comment and some really information on what it is he plans to do here, will he hold a press? we're waiting to hold back, pete , steve, ainsley? steve: griff, thank you very much. so it does not at this point look like those two house bills will get passed the senate because they need 10 republican senators to go along, and according to the washington post privately republicans are essentially saying you can't get us to support it unless you have border enforcement and you do something about the asylum
4:08 am
laws, and the white house is not going to go along with that, because they are en bold en and they got a more liberal democratic congress that want to give the migrants more, not less so it's a stalemate, the republicans want one thing, democrats want something else, but the democrats need 10 republicans and right now they don't have that. ainsley: and nancy pelosi had a sign that said "home is here" and kevin mccarthy said this is the wrong message at the wrong time. that border crisis is intensify ing, but she did have nine republicans join the democrats on legalizing the daca or the dreamers, and then you had seven that went along with them in 2019 so now there are more republicans that are for that as far as the farm work, modernization act, he had 30 republicans join the democrat s and one democrat did oppose it. pete: you know, they don't, it doesn't matter what you say it matters what they hear when you listen to those illegals there that griff interviewed ultimately they hear, come on over, it's open, now is the time
4:09 am
the white house says in a cascading fashion, attempted to walk back their early remarks, yeah, please come, just don't come now. now they are trying to say no, only come here legally through the process. that, while, jen psaki was at the podium yesterday saying oops it's a crisis, no, no, just a challenge. ainsley: accidentally slipped up pete: accidental slip-up revealing of the fact that ultimately we do have a crisis and the problem is the issue is they don't want the american people to know it, and ultimately, they're not allowing any transparency down there, media into these facilities. ainsley: if they would just own it though, jen psaki watching her, i'm sure every time someone asks her a question about immigration she's saying to herself don't say crisis, don't say crisis. yesterday she slipped up now she's going to be even more nervous about it but if they would just own it. steve: and face the crisis and we can see it with our own two eyes these images, however we are not allowed to see inside, three weeks ago that the white house correspondent asked to be
4:10 am
allowed and they said do you know what? talk to dhs, talk to dhs, and they say talk to the white house they don't want us to see it and kim strassel of the wall street journal knows exactly why. >> they are being denied access to processing centers holding children, also not being given access to pictures, being denied being able to do ride-alongs with border agents, every single press request is being funneled back to washington d.c. and everyone who produces any number s on this has been told not to give them to anyone so that they can't be supplied to the media. so, a complete blackout, and you have to ask yourself why, and obviously, it's because they know they have a problem and the only reason you would do this , the only reason is to minimize, or keep people in the dark, about the extent of the problem. pete: absolutely and steve, i think you made a very legitimate point throughout this entire thing, which we're not just dealing with migrants coming across the border. we're also in the middle of covid-19. steve: that's right. pete: ultimately this
4:11 am
administration in large part ran on we're going to be the big responsible party on covid-19 and we're going to take it seriously and everyone's going to be a part of the 100 day mass challenge, yada yada yada. ultimately the dhs secretary was on capitol hill on wednesday , and was asked about whether or not these migrants coming across the border are all of them tested for covid before they're released into the united states. steve: they're not. pete: yup turns out, here is his answer. >> there appears to be a more lenient standard them crossing our border than the american citizens. >> can you assure the american people that no monday who has been apprehended is released into our communities that still test positive for covid-19. >> um, congressman, let me be clear. there were times earlier when individuals were apprehended and
4:12 am
we sought to expel them and we were unable to expel them and we were compelled to release them and we did not have the opportunity to test them. we have addressed that. ainsley: that's what makes a lot of people upset for many reasons it makes them upset but to that point the covid-19 thing it's such a double standard. we all get tested you go from one state to another you have to get tested every state has different rules but if you come across our country we'll pay for your health insurance, we'll put you in our schools and we will not test you for covid. steve: look, and what he's saying is we have addressed that situation, because they were not testing people, you know, we have, for the last three week, been detailing how down in brownsville, texas, they didn't, you come into the country, they didn't give you a covid test. the only time you would get a covid test is if you wanted to get on the greyhound bus, and the federal government, rather than say do you know what? the federal government is going to go ahead and test everybody, they said do you know what?
4:13 am
let's have ngo's, non-government organizations do the testing, but here is the thing. somebody tries to get on a bus in brownsville and they have a positive test. brownsville police do not have the authority to stop that person from going. they say you probably should stay here and we will put you up in this hotel. ainsley: why don't they, they have the authority to tell us to get off the bus. steve: absolutely because ainsley they want to get as many people into the country as possible and so ultimately, what is going on down there, is they're going these are guidelines. they're not rules. they're not hard and fast rules they're guidelines and so they say, we suggest you isolate. getting on the bus and going everywhere. pete: all i run into when i travel are hard and fast rules no suggestions or guidelines, unless you're john kerry, then you can do whatever you want. you don't have to wear a mask at all on flights, everyone else gets banned, you're fine but we also don't know the number of people being released because ultimately to your point, steve they are shuffling to the next person as quickly as possible to
4:14 am
get them off their hands to be released and we don't know how many that is at this point. ainsley: this country is amazing everyone wants to come here, i understand that. it breaks my heart when i see these kids but then kevin mccarthy's point, what's happening to these kids and senator kornan, he said are these kids, what's happening? i don't want to get too graphic because it's a morning show but think about these kids un accompanied, these little girls coming across with these men, these coyote men, it's just very scary and the biden administration has got to take this seriously and they need to admit it's a crisis and do something about it to protect these kids and families. steve: well think about it though. they say they're stopping families at the border. they are saying stay in mexico, keeping that part of the remain in mexico thing but they are letting the kids in. they are letting all the kids in why would that be? don't be surprised if the biden administration says you know what? their kids are here, we need to unite the families and so -- pete: wherever the families are you come next, and it's dreamer 2.0.
4:15 am
steve: this is all part of the plan. pete: yes. steve: meanwhile, about 45 minutes ago we introduced you to a guy whose been a teacher at eagle rock high school in the la area foreclose to 40 years. his name is glenn laird. glenn was unhappy that his union , his teacher's union said essentially, we're not going to go back to work unless they de fund the police. keep in mind, they have been out of work because, you know, remote working, because of the pandemic, and for the union to say, you know what? you've got to defund the police. that just struck him the wrong way, so in his contract, he x'd that part out and now he is suing the union. we talked to him a little while ago and he had this to say about their priorities. >> i was very concerned when they called the defund the police came out. it just seemed like something that was not really what we as a union should be doing.
4:16 am
i felt it had a real negative aspect about campus security, and the security of the communities around the campus. i have seen violence on campus, off campuses, near campuses, slashing, stabbing, choking, beating, and the ultimate was at one point one of my former students was shot in the back on campus and then died on campus so when they wanted to defund the police and it got to be such rhetoric i got very concerned and upset. steve: he knows we need the police, especially at school so he's asking the union to release him from his membership and return his union dues. pete: that'll go well for him the union will of course crack down on him. ainsley: they won't allow him to do that. they are strongarming them saying what if you're a parent or a teacher and you like the police but you want to go back-to-school? yet you can only get one or the other? you have to either fund the police or and keep the kids out of school or defund the police and then they get to go back-to-school?
4:17 am
that's ridiculous they can't strongarm them. pete: teacher's unions have turned teachers into non-essential employees through covid-19 somehow. ainsley: they have nothing to do with each other defunding the police and schools? pete: absolutely nothing it's extortion, ainsley, it's extortion, they want more money for schools which means perpetuating their complex whether or not kids are performing or even the classroom at all they get paid. now they might get bonuses. ainsley: why do they teachers unions now after everything we know and after what the cdc said why do they still not want to go back to school? they can't give an explanation. steve: good question. nonetheless, his whole point is something goes haywire at school , you pickup the phone, you want the police to be there, and he wants the police to be there. pete: it's summer vacation for the teachers soon enough. all right, we're moving on to another topic climate czar john kerry, as we mentioned, caught sitting in first class without a mask this week laughing off the backlash on twitter meanwhile on a different flight, a six-year-old was reprimanded for lowering his mask below his
4:18 am
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comcast is partnering with 1000 community centers to create wifi-enabled lift zones, so students from low-income families can get the tools they need to be ready for anything. oh we're ready. ♪ ♪ steve: look at that picture climate czar john kerry caught sitting in first class between boston and d.c. without a mask this week, an incident he seems to write-off as a joke blaming st. patrick's day malarky for the backlash on twitter and meanwhile on a different flight months earlier our next guest says his six- year-old son was reprimanded for having his mask below his nose for 30 seconds. chef andrew gruel is the owner of slat fish restaurant in california, and joins us live, chef andrew, good morning to you >> good morning. steve: okay, so, tell us the circumstances with your son,
4:23 am
where the mask is below his nose , and what the reaction was from the flight crew. >> yeah, we've flown multiple times i fly with the kids all the timings and you know, since the pandemic has started, they are really really strict, of course the masks come down for 30 seconds even 5 seconds i don't know where they come from, the stewardess, the police of the plane but they are on you and of course we've also heard other stories where kids have been removed from planes, entire families. steve: so do you think it's a double standard that here you've got john kerry, the climate czar , the person who was sitting next to him, according to the new york post, says you know what? that could have been before we took off, and he was making some business calls, but i don't remember an exemption for it's okay to make phone calls without a mask before we take off, if you're in first class and you are a climate czar. >> i mean, look. the story is just another participant in a jam packed line
4:24 am
up of hypocrites these days, and at first, it's seemingly silling, and we kind of laugh about it but then when you pull away the layers and you look at the selective outrage, and you counter counterpoint that to the fact that as i mentioned, you know, people have been removed from planes and john kerry just has this indifferent kind of gli b response like oh, it's the good old malarky again, what's on twitter of course where all of the news happens nowdays, i had thousands of people respond to this photo and there was so many people that responded in support of kerry, and the overwhelming response was, well, he's eating. now, as a restauranteur, whose restaurants were shutdown and still are shutdown because people can't be taking their mask on and off, i find that selective outrage, you know, to be really curious, especially with the queues that he's eating and in many cases people made things up and said no, no, his book was a sandwich, which, you know, words for the soul.
4:25 am
steve: [laughter] well, in one of the wide shots you can see the person sitting next to him and they are does not appear to be any food or beverages so maybe it was making the phone calls, but you know, when you think about it, joe biden chastised governors for getting rid of the mask mandates. he called it neanderthal thinking, essentially. you know, not to wear a mask, which is what his climate czar was doing. the new york post, andrew, final thought, this morning says that joe biden should either fire john kerry, or admit that all the rules are only for the little people. >> yeah, i mean, i think that that's a heck of hyperbole by the new york post but they stick to what they do best. that be pretty interesting. i have a feeling it's just going to be brushed under the rug, completely ignored and once again we'll hear a story in a few days about somebody getting removed from some federal building for not wearing a mask. steve: you're probably right the
4:26 am
owner and chef at slapfish in california, check him out. chef andrew gruel. if we want to follow you on twitter what's your twitter handle since everybody is buzzing about what you have to say? >> it's chefgruel, and beware, lots of sandwiches. steve: all right, good i'm hungry sounds delicious. andrew, thank you. have a good weekend. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile, 7:26 in the east from the football field to the courtroom, a high school coach is fighting for his faith after he was fired for praying on the field. coach kennedy here with an update to his case that we have been telling you about for years. ♪ and a little bit of chicken fried ♪ ♪ cold beer on a friday night ♪ ♪ a pair of jeans that fit just right ♪ ♪ and the radio up ♪ get 5 boneless wings for $1 with any handcrafted burger. only at applebee's. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be.
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a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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4:30 am
pete: welcome back well a high school football coach is still fighting for his religious freedom from the sidelines. in 2015 coach joe kennedy was fired for praying on the field after games. you'll remember the story we've covered it on fox & friends. he was dealt another blow yesterday, when a u.s. circuit court sided with the school. he plans to appeal the decision. coach joe kennedy joins me now along with his attorney, first liberty institute's jeremy dice. gentlemen thank you very much for being here. coach, we appreciate the stance you've taken from the beginning. another setback yesterday, where does it put your mindset on this
4:31 am
appeal and fighting for the ability to say a simple prayer on the field? >> i think it really solidifies even moreso when the score is down and you just got to get backup and you have to actually keep fighting. nothing ever goes your way all the time, so just like i told my guys, you just keep fighting until the game is over. pete: spoken like a coach, jeremy you speak it like an attorney. what do you do next? where can you appeal, can this go to the supreme court, what's the path? >> absolutely, it can go to the supreme court and perhaps, it has to, because if coach kennedy can be fired, then really, no job is safe, especially if you work on a school campus these days. look, just because the coach is able to be seen engaging in prayer, silent prayer, after a football game that's no reason to fire him. this is an important principle that we're going to continue to fight for and i hope folks go to to join with us as we enter the fourth quarter in coach's game trying to win
4:32 am
this came for him and the rest of the country. pete: i hope folks check it out as well here is what the u.s. court of appeals for the ninth circuit set yesterday. kennedy's attempts to draw nationwide attention to his challenge to the district showed he was not engaging in private prayer, instead he was engaging in public speech of an overtly religious nature while performing his job duties. coach kennedy, was your goal when you first, went for private prayer on the field, to draw national attention or to simply say, we know ultimately what's the most important thing and did you say you have to be a christian? you have to, you know, say that you believe to be involved? walk us through that. >> it's so bizarre that, you know, how they just makeup their own narrative to everything. i was doing it by myself. that's how it all started and in the school they said hey, you can't pray with kids so i went back to doing what i originally did, just taking god for what the guys did on the field, and you know, it's kind of ludacris that just because i told my story to get the news out, which
4:33 am
is that i assume that's what the news is for is to get the word out, now i'm a bad person, and that's being held against me. it's ridiculous, and also, yeah, never wanted this kind of media attention to begin with. pete: so jeremy last word if the media follows your case then that hurts your case? >> yeah, look pete i guess we have you guys to blame for why we're in the situation. pete: we're sorry, coach. >> it's crazy coach kennedy is fired for engaging and protected first amendment activity and so he goes and talks on another first amendment activity with free speech and he can't catch a break, i guess here, but look this is about important principle that we're standing up for at first liberty to make sure that if this happens to you, if this happens to your coach, you're not the one that's going to be fired and that's why we stand up for this free exercise of religion for these free speech rights so that every american can freely exercise their faith wherever they find themselves whether that's outside of school or on the grid iron, they ought to have the promise that a founder made to us to be able to engage
4:34 am
in these first freedoms that we have. pete: jeremy dice, thanks for what you do at first liberty and of course coach kennedy keep us posted thank you for being on bended knee setting the example for so many of us we'll be following the case. >> absolutely thank you so much pete: thank you and we apologize for making your case more difficult. all right, speaking of hypocrisy , senator rand paul calls out dr. fauci for double masking despite already being vaccinated. senator paul is on deck, next. >> and we'll check back in with lawrence jones, he's having yummy breakfast with friends in oklahoma. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:35 am
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i just look and feel better. i got real relief with cosentyx. watch me! feel real relief. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. ainsley: you know that music breakfast with friends so let's head out to the sooner state where covid restrictions were officially lifted one week ago. lawrence jones is talking to the folks at the diner for breakfast with friends, hey, lawrence. >> lawrence: hey, guys how you all doing? we're here at the stray dog, a great place for freedom. these people are so excited about being opening up, but they are also concerned about the direction of the country, where do we stand on immigration , and i've got some lovely folks with me, fans of " fox & friends" mary and joseph just like in the bible, ainsley. [laughter] hey, folks, you said that you're upset about what's happening at the border, and that it's a
4:40 am
crisis. >> absolutely and what i'd like to see some live footage. i want to see inside the buildings where we're housing these young kids. i thought transparency be important, but yet, we're really not seeing that at the current time, so i'd really like to see what's going on down there. >> lawrence: and you still say there's like a double standard when it comes to the coverage of this crisis. >> oh, without a doubt. i mean, that's something that i think is bugging most of us because if donald trump was the president right now, he be obviously be getting a lot of coverage, difficult time. we're getting very little of that right now with president biden. i want to see them really cover it better and let us know what's going on. without knowing the facts, without actually seeing everything, then we're left wondering what's going on? >> lawrence: you say you're
4:41 am
for legal immigration but that's not happening. >> no, people are just walking right over to the border and the problem is is that we are, to get into our country, you have to have your covid test, people are just walking in, they are not being tested, they have no idea if they are infected or not, and then they come across and so you come across the border in legally it's a free ticket, but it's an act of god to get in legally. so i just think that it's wrong. i think it needs to be fixed, and maybe some day soon, it will happen. >> lawrence: you think it's a crisis? >> oh, absolutely. absolutely. >> lawrence: thank you, thank you, mary and joseph, guys i want to take you all back over hads here to our arlita. now this is something interesting, guys. she was with the ministry, they cover these in uses, and you say that the process is broken. >> well if we're talking about
4:42 am
legal immigration process, it's very hard to do. if you're outside the united states and you really want to move to the united states, you'd like to become a citizen, you'd like to be involved, you have to be either have a job that some employers will hire you. you could be an international student, but that's not a path to citizenship at all, or you have to legally have a parent or a spouse -- >> lawrence: well you're doing it the right way. >> it's the only way. >> lawrence: it's focusing on this way, not dependent on government to do, they are stepping in. guys we'll have a lot of conversations right here, definitely in oklahoma. i'll send it back to you guys in new york. i'm going to get me some food. pete: i like it, talking to mary and joseph at the stray dog. ainsley: mary and joseph. pete: i love it. you're the man, lawrence, thank you. all right, now, to another story we are following. dr. fauci in the hot seat and
4:43 am
challenged by senator rand paul for double masking, despite being vaccinated. >> you're telling everybody to wear a mask, whether they've had an infection or a vaccine. if we're not spreading the infection isn't it just theatre? >> no it's not. >> you've had the vaccine and you're wearing two masks isn't that theatre? >> here we go again with the theatre. >> what proof is there that there's significant reinfections with hospitalizations and death from the variance? none in our country, zero. ainsley: so that was a senate committee hearing and senator rand paul joins us to talk about what went down and what happened good morning to you. >> good morning, thanks for having me. ainsley: you're welcome, to senator, set that up for the audience at home. what happened? >> so we've had 90 million vaccines in our country about 50 million people have been vaccinated. we've got another 30 million people who have gotten the disease naturally like i have and the question is do they have immunity but we've always believed that. that's the science of vaccines is that when you get an
4:44 am
infection or you get the vaccination you develop immunity and yet he's moving the goal post and saying well, you might get this variant from south africa and my point to him is show us the evidence. show us the scientific evidence that people who have already had covid or people who have already had the vaccine are getting it again. if they're getting it in large numbers and getting ill and going to the hospital and dying we should know that, but it's not true. it's his conjecture. he says we might get it, therefore we need to wear the mask for another year. steve: yeah. >> this is equivalent of saying well we might get the spanish flu so maybe we should wear the mask until the spanish flu comes back. it's a ridiculous notion not based on science, and what he is doing is theatre and it goes against the science of vaccines. dr. fauci has immunity. he can't get it again, but he's wearing a mask because it's one of his nobel lies to convince everybody to wear masks, but it's not true. if you've been vaccinated you don't need to wear a mask. steve: so that's really your
4:45 am
message is once you're vaccinated, you don't need to wear a mask around other people who have also been vaccinated which is a great sales pitch for everybody getting the shot. >> right, exactly. i'm not against the vaccine. i'm for people being vaccinated, in fact that's how we're getting out of this , both natural immunity, having had the infection, plus those being vaccinated is good, but once you are vaccinated, you're two weeks out from the second dose, you are safe, and there's no record so far of anybody being hospitalized or dying that's been vaccinated. there's also no record of people who have gotten in naturally being reinfected and being hospitalized or dying, so what we have is that it's very very safe once you've had the vaccine , very very safe once you've had the infection and we should be getting that reward. in fact it should be incentive to people to go out and get vaccinated but dr. fauci gets this upside down and he's such a government worry watter that he says well you might get
4:46 am
some day. well we might get anything. we might get the spanish flu again but that's not the way science works. he needs to show us evidence as to why. it's incumbent upon him to prove to us that we need to wear a mask, not the other way around. pete: it's a great point, senator by what standard on the same point by what standard do you believe dr. fauci or others as you put it, government worry warts would faveoli say take the mask off? what is that threshold other than what he's already said? >> that's great because i think it leads to the answer being never, because there's ultimately always something that could be there so he's saying the south african variant might come. i'm saying to him, show me that the south african variant is infecting people, causing them to go to the hospital, and causing them to die in significant numbers. if it's a significant pathogen, i'll listen, but the thing is is most of the things we're finding out of the opposite then the vaccine actually worked on all of the variants so far and that there isn't massive death
4:47 am
and rehospitalization from people that have been vaccinated this is good news. instead of saying it might happen, he needs to show me a scientific study showing that it is happening, because i'm not one to wear a mask for the rest of my life for something that might happen, unless you show me that it actually is happening, so the science, the burden of proof should be on there's. they shouldn't get to say oh, wear a mask because dr. fauci likes wearing a mask and the whole double mask is complete theatre. there's no science saying that he can get reinfected. there are no studies showing re infection after vaccine. steve: but just to be clear you're talking, you know, he was talking about after the vaccine. for people who have not had the vaccine, and have not had covid and don't have the immunities in their system, those people should wear a mask, when they cannot social social distance. >> i think it depends on the risk factors. if they're a kid the risk factor of getting this and dying is virtually zero so i'm not a big fan of having kids wear masks. i think it's to each his own.
4:48 am
if you want to send a kid to a school that they say wear mask do it, send your kid to a private school and they don't wear a mask that's also fine. the risk factors are things individuals in a free society should decide for themselves if you look at the mask mandates throughout the country, the incidence of the disease went up, particularly in december and january, as we went up exponentially, it's a rise in infections occurred everybody was wearing masks so there's not a great deal of evidence that mask mandates or economic lockdowns have changed the trajectory. the only thing that's changing the trajectory is the vaccine, so that's why i don't think people should be tricked into thinking the mask is the answer, the vaccine actually is the answer, but the mask really isn't an answer. we've had rampant infection with everybody wearing mask. most people getting infections say they've been wearing the mask. the cloth masks don't really work at all so the masks have been shown to work in hospital settings but none of the masks have really been proven to work. ainsley: how do you think this is going to play out, let's say, in a few more months because right now no one is
4:49 am
hugging people are socially distanced, wearing the mask, people are staying in their own space, do you think we'll remain like that as a country or we go back to the way it was? >> ultimately the government bureaucrats like fauci will lose people are already pushing back. look, president biden is saying on july 4, you can get together and people are already doing what they want. it's a free country and they are getting tired of these people. look how many people all the time in their 70s have been vaccinated, get the twinkle back in their eye, going to restaurants, they really don't care what president biden or f auc i'm or any of the so-called people are saying they feel safe after the vaccine and that's what they should and if the science says you're safe after the vaccine, what a terrible selling message, if that's true, they can go ahead and try to say that, but they are trying to tell you the vaccine is safe and working and yet you still have to wear a mask. that's a contradictory proposition. steve: senator while we got you here yesterday the house passed two immigration bills. they essentially passed the same things two years ago.
4:50 am
now they head to the senate. is there anyway they get 10 republican senators to say you know what? the democrats have got a great idea on how to provide permanent citizenship for these dreamers and also farm workers. >> you know, they wanted to actually talk to us i haven't had any of them talk to me, and they won't get on the elevator, and it's ridiculous, because it go against all of the science, but they still have been vaccinated and yet they still literally, i think they fear having their picture taken with me. steve: that could be it. pete: [laughter] >> but here is the thing with immigration. what i would say is to have a rule at the border where we send those back and those remain in mexico and you can't have any kind of forgiveness plan on the other side. forgive the 3 million people that are already here illegally what does that tell to the other millions marching up through
4:51 am
central america? steve: senator we're having a broadband problem we can only hear about every fourth word. pete: thank you, senator. ainsley: coming up we have house minority leader kevin mccarthy is going to join us live. u & do♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ it all starts with an invitation... experience lexus. the invitation to lexus sales event. get 0% apr financing on the 2021 nx 300. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. when you buy this plant at walmart, they can buy more plants from metrolina greenhouses so abe and art can grow more plants. so they can hire vilma... and wendy... and me. so, more people can go to work.
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>> good morning back with quick headlines details behind the
4:55 am
abrupt departure and large severance package of michigan health director could soon be revealed. robert gordon resigned a day after allowing indoor dining to resume in january, following backlash gordon and governor gretchen whitmer reportedly waived a confidentiality clause and the "interest of greater transparency. " >> the nfl is looking into sexual assault allegations against texans quarterback de shawn watson, a third suit was filed this week accusing the star player of indecent contact with a third massage therapist and the texans say they will cooperate with the probe, watson is set to do a press conference today, at 3:30 eastern time. >> and a florida bill is aiming to keep transgender student athletes off female sports teams the bill requires anyone participating in women's sports to be biologically eligible to do so and republicans say the bill supports women's rights but democrats slam the bill, calling it discriminatory
4:56 am
against transgender females. ainsley? ainsley: thank you so much, carlie. well, kickoff the easter season with some of your favorite christian artists they are celebrating the holy holiday with a concert for christ featured in the latest epidemic it side of ainsley's bible study on fox nation. one of the performers sincer and songwriter and our friend colton dixon joins us right now. >> hey, ainsley how are you doing? ainsley: i'm doing great thank you so much for participating in our fox nation special and for coming on with us this morning and you have a new album coming out, right? >> sure do, we have a new song coming out today, actually, that's why we're so excited about it. ainsley: are you on a tour bus right now? >> i am. ainsley: are you actually driving? because you look like you're moving a little bit. it's not moving? >> i sure am. it is moving, yes. ainsley: that's great. >> you do what you got to do sometimes. ainsley: that's right, so, for folks at home, colton just had twins, twin little girls. how is it being away from them, this is your first time away from them since they've been
4:57 am
born? >> oh, my gosh, this is actually my second time away, and it's difficult. it's harder than i thought it be , it's only for a few days, and my wife is a beast. she's holding down the fort, but yeah, we're going to have to figure this out, if i continue to do this much longer. so yeah, we might have to get little bunks for them. ainsley: i was going to say faith hill and tim mcgraw did that they just took their kids on the road and home schooled them and a lot of musicians do that so you really relied on prayer when you had the babies, tell us that story. >> yeah, our kids names were athens and dior, and when little dior came out she wasn't breathing so we had a choice to make of choosing faith over fear , and it's not always the easiest decision but it's a decision that my wife and i made together so we started to pray right there in the operating room, and we saw god come through and perform a miracle
4:58 am
for us, and that was huge for us , as someone who has a song called "miracle" it kind of came full circle for me and sometimes songs do that that i write, and yeah, just really cool opportunity to see god at work in our lives and we're so thankful for that and for the doctors and nurses there as well. but yeah crazy story but we're so glad she's happy and healthy and everything is going good. ainsley: god answers prayers, and sometimes he takes you to that last moment so that you're on your knees a little bit longer, but he does answer prayer and now you have these two precious miracles and i wish them all the best. tell us about the song you're going to sing for us today? >> yeah, so it's called "made to fly" and it's basically about living life to your full potential. i think as believers sometimes we get caught up in freeing all of the baggage that we've had our entire lives along with us through the journey, but i think we should just lay it down, and then we realize, you know what? like we're actually made made to soar our wings like eagles and when you do that there's just a freedom that comes so we
4:59 am
wrote a song about it called " made to fly." ainsley: well we want to see it so here is a clip from our fox nation bible study. >> ♪ made it on the other side, hallelujah, don't stop the walking but you were made to fly. ♪ ainsley: you can catch the performance in ainsley's bible study a concert for christ available now on fox nation, fox nation is a members only stream ing service with exclusive access to original content, and your favorite fox personalities. you can check it out on fox cot colton, we were in the groom room as a team watching your performance and we all said that is such a gift from god to be able to sing, and to play the piano like that and bless all of us, so god bless you, colton, thank you for being on with us. >> thank you so much, ainsley.
5:00 am
thank you, guys. ainsley: you're welcome and ryan stevenson, mercy me me and danny gokey are in that fox nation easter message bible study we have more fox & friends coming up next. .. >> the bill is passed. >> the house approves the pathway to citizenship. >> they would be partners dealing with a crisis on the border. >> you have been vaccinated and you wear masks. >> it is a ridiculous notion. it is one of those noble lies to convince everyone you are mask but it is not true. ainsley: california teacher suing his union overhaul to defund the police. >> what we as a union should be doing.
5:01 am
jillian: fighting for the right to play alone on the field after another round. >> the game is over. >> of coach kennedy can be fired no job is safe. >> another big blunder from the commander-in-chief. >> president harris and i -- president harris and i ♪♪ brian: that shot in downtown new orleans, "fox and friends" on can we just call it freedom friday? ainsley: on this freedom friday. ainsley: maybe will take a shot. steve: different kind of shot. different kind of shot. welcome aboard. brian is off on assignment or something else, we don't know for sure.
5:02 am
exist is joining us today and you are probably a little jealous because you love going to diners, great to meet folks and you get free food and that is what lawrence jones is doing in bethany, oklahoma and you are there because this week in the last week they lifted all covid-19 restrictions in okay. >> reporter: i am in bethany, oklahoma. you should be jealous, you are in the swamp of new york. how you judge good food if you have to ask, biscuits and gravy. i got a bacon wrapped dog, sauerkraut, ruben dog and some mac & cheese right here so i am here eating, a lot of food.
5:03 am
they told me to wait. we just start eating. people are fired up about the reopening of the state and the direction of the country, they want to see the border so we are talking to people all morning about this. we will send it back to you in new york. steve: we have to have a mac & cheese dog. you like a cheesy hotdog. >> reporter: good example. pete: a bacon mac & cheese dog. steve: bacon! ainsley: such guys. steve: we will check in with him and have his food review coming up, the u.s. house approved creating a pathway to citizenship where millions of mid the border crisis.
5:04 am
ainsley: dreamers and farmers might become residents, the legislature will hit a wall as reactions are right along party lines. pete: griff jenkins with the right along to collect the crisis. >> reporter: the biden administration continues to deny access to the media, in the last administration with border patrol chiefs. rent along with homeland security committee along with border patrol union, in new mexico to see what the administration doesn't want the american people to see after the ride along which was a busy night, 25 runners were apprehended.
5:05 am
this is what mister portman had to say. >> more unlawful entries, 100,000 plus in february, up 30% in january so it is getting worse and worse. >> reporter: an interesting night. most of the migrants were from mexico. one gentleman who spent time in chicago came back. we spoke to him, from the administration not to come. do you think more will come under the new administration? >> in these borders. >> reporter: dangerous hearing mexican officials on the other side wrapping up. senator portman telling me in
5:06 am
that interview alejandro mayorkas will make a trip to el paso. and when the secretary gets here, this sector, it is up 230%, in the first 5 months of 202020, please. steve: it is a mess down there. earlier in the show according to the associated press the us government has 14,000 kids in custody without their parents and a lot are at facilities where they are sleeping on the floor, going to bed hungry and not allowed to go outside for days.
5:07 am
pete: held for a week longer than supposed to. the single men trying to pop the border, spending resources with kids, not able to apprehend people. steve: all the resources are being diverged. let's bring in house minority leader kevin mccarthy. good morning to you. you have a unique point of view because you are on the border and asked the president for a meeting to discuss it but he doesn't want to discuss it because he knows it is a problem and once let the press take pictures of these because he knows it is a problem. we all know it is a problem. >> reporter: interesting to watch the press secretary yesterday, the biden administration walked back calls, and two weeks ago i sent him a letter, to talk about this crisis and ways to solve it. the president didn't respond to the meeting nor did the
5:08 am
administration respond. i sent another letter yesterday to the border with 13 members. it is more than a crisis. this is a human tragedy. what you are finding is what he needs to do. and the debate in june, to immediately surge the border. to reinstate the remain in mexico, title 42. the facility i went to the secretary will go today is a brand-new facility built under the trump administration. they thought they would never hit capacity. on monday they hit capacity. at the same time they are moving 1000 children, 3002 dallas. they are not testing them for covid.
5:09 am
steve: they will not let reporters in. when we saw those images in the trump years the mainstream media had enough. it is a problem, but we don't worry that much about it. >> donald trump needs credit, he has secured the border. he built the new facility there so they took our cameras away. the facility, thinking it would never meet capacity, so many children, and because the facility met capacity, 120 border agents protecting the border could no longer work there. ainsley: when steve gives the number. it breaks my heart. i wish i could house all of them.
5:10 am
and can't imagine being in that situation, why are they doing that, our kids coming first. >> they heard from the administration, you no longer have to remain in mexico, president biden when he was candidate biden, surged the border, we asked how long were that the height, 22 days. president biden told them to come. the president of mexico calls president biden the vibrant president. it would break your heart, fathers, mothers told me this story will, they are out in the middle of nowhere, the seal one-year-old and 5-year-old holding hands, nobody around for miles. or take it to one of those coyotes.
5:11 am
they are watching in this one small section 200 people a day and they put a bunch of people and families in one area and 100 men run into the other area. ainsley: don't they want the kids to be with their parents? how can that affect them being raised in a country, a family they have nothing to do with or someone doesn't know their kids. missing their mom and dad. >> how many children don't make it all the way through, how many are, who knows what happens to those poor children. it breaks your heart. when i walked through that facility i give the border patrol agents all the credit for the extraordinary time. they are all being housed together, not being tested for covid and then released into the cities with parents, with covid, and we know what doctor fauci is saying. brian: they know it is a crisis
5:12 am
and they are okay with that. i've got to go to another topic. you've seen the exchange between sender rand paul and doctor fauci over mask wearing on capitol hill. >> you are telling everybody to wear a mask that had an infection or vaccine. i'm saying they have immunity and everybody agrees they have immunity. what studies do you have that they had the vaccine or infection are spreading the infection? we are not spreading the infection, isn't it just theater? >> you are wearing two masks. >> here we go with the theater, let's get down to the fact. when you talk about reinfection and you don't cave in the concept of variance, that is entirely different ballgame, that is a good reason for a mask. >> what proof is there that there is significant reinfection's with hospitalizations and deaths from the variance?
5:13 am
none in our country, 0. give them a reward instead of telling them the nanny state will be there for three more years and you need to wear a mask forever, don't want to hear there is no science behind it. ainsley: we had the center on the program earlier. >> instead of saying it might happen he needs to show me a study showing it is happening. i'm not going to wear a mask for the rest of my life or something that might happen until you show me it is happening. the burden of proof should be theirs, they shouldn't get to say wear a mask to -- doctor fauci likes wearing a mask. there is no science saying you can get reinfected. no studies of reinfection. >> rand paul is not going to win joe biden's 100 a mask challenge but where do you come down on how americans should look at masks?
5:14 am
>> i remember doctor fauci in january, the situation at the white house telling me not to wear a mask because it would cause more problems. he had a different opinion but what is different here, i spent a letter to speaker pelosi, 75% of congress has been vaccinated, 30 to 40 other members had covid-19 so when no one is around us, in the senate they do not. impeachment managers, congressional members, took the masks off. when can we stop, when can we start meeting and committees again and doing work? it is hard to give up control and power and that is one thing covid allow democrats to do. even when the vote was for speaker, nancy pelosi got the medical doctor to allow members of congress who had covid to give her the chamber. it is only convenient when they want it and they change the rules each and every time.
5:15 am
>> sounds like you are writing a lot of letters. and a lot of resolutions because yesterday they had the vote on party lines, you tried to have eric swallwell kicked off of the permanent select committee on intel. he was targeted by a chinese spy, he was the center of the chinese influence campaign and you felt he should not be on that committee and a lot of people felt the same way as you. nancy pelosi who reaffirmed a couple weeks ago to keep him on that said no, you lose. >> it is not political. intel committee is different than any other committee we have, the secrets of our nation and it is simple. if eric swallwell connected security clearance with the
5:16 am
company, he should not be on security clearance with the country. that is what we just gave him but cannot get one in the private sector. i got a classified briefing from the fbi along with nancy pelosi, she knows what i know and knows he doesn't deserve or should belong on this committee. jillian: congressman adam schiff says it is disturbing that you are attempting to weapon eyes classified counterintelligence briefings as a political could join use them to smear a house colleague, real counterintelligence risks and sophisticated actors and bad-faith political attacks on members will make it more difficult to respond. what is your response. >> that is so ironic. is this not the man who told us about russia collusion? the man who continued to live time and again. he also had a briefing from the fbi, just what you know in
5:17 am
public about eric swallwell, raising money to run for congress, putting interns into his office, the close relationship he had, he could not get a security clearance and a company today but congress gave him security clearance for the intel committee. there are not 200 other democrats were qualified to be on intel? ainsley: there aren't as many democrats loyal to nancy pelosi and the intel committee. ainsley: it will look like they made a mistake. last question for you. in california the governor is facing a recall ever, over 2 million collected and submitted in every color for. they need more for it to be valid. the governor spoke to the associated press.
5:18 am
and we were communicating with counties and businesses in sectors and industries, not with the public. with that modification meant and what it didn't mean and in hindsight we could have done a better job informing the public what those modifications meant. it is a communications problem. >> they communicate well when he ordered at the french laundry. his children are back in school. he communicated quite well with small businesses that he would never let open up. compare that to what happened in florida. he is being recalled not just by republicans but independents and democrats for the mismanagement of what he has done to california. that is why he is being recalled. >> he told us to keep our mask on in between bites. think about that. kevin mccarthy, thank you for giving us so much time this morning. >> have a great week.
5:19 am
the first meeting between the biden administration and chinese official sparking a war of words so where do tensions stand with the communist nation, general jack keane breaks down the relationship coming up next. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection-site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala. cell phone repair. did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need?
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5:23 am
pete: the first face-to-face meeting between us and communist chinese officials under the biden administration out the hostile start with two sides clashing over cyber security and human rights issues and ultimately power but even before the summit began the chinese ambassador predicted it would be tense saying, quote, if anyone believes the chinese delegation travels to alaska just to give in and make compromises i
5:24 am
suggest my colleagues in beijing cancel their trip. i hope people with such unbelievable discard their illusions. let's bring in retired 4-star general jack keane. what happened yesterday very indicative, significance, opening statements were supposed to be brief. instead they went on for an hour, both sides pointing finger that the other saying you are the problem. this a sign of two powers both of which think facing off, what do you take from what happened? >> this is a new administration having the initial talks with china and president xi has been in power 8 or 9 years. what we have is these are the two major powers in the world and were definitely declared adversaries with each other in the biden administration critical for them to stake out their positions. it is interesting, significant
5:25 am
differences between the biden administration and the trump administration in terms of domestic policy, developing policy in the middle east which seems to be a variant from trump, there is significant continuity here which is encouraging. not perfect by any means but they have taken in principle trump's tough stand against china and specifics support that. they are agreeing with trump's trade deal with the sanctions, the biden administration increased sanctions on 24 chinese officials, they pushed back on china's crushing hong kong's democracy, on china's genocide campaign and the intimidation and coercion of taiwan specifically but the other allies in the region and military expansion in the south china sea and much more at home, china's massive cyberespionage
5:26 am
campaign to steal our intellectual property, steel our secrets, undermine democracy. they are coming on full throttle in all of this and staking out us positions. i hope today they take on china over covid because we need an independent investigation, we have a right to call for that. the international community would support it, little subterfuge with what is going on with the who inspection several weeks ago because they had the inspection team, chinese scientists investigating as well and discarded the credibility of it so this is a good first step in my book, it remains to be seen. this is more talk than action. we've seen in the previous obama administration a lot of strong talk but carried very little sticks, not much action in terms
5:27 am
of pushing back on adversaries. that is a lingering concern, most of us observers, where this administration will go but as of right now they are standing up to china the way they should be standing up to them and hopefully the actions will follow the rhetoric. pete: that is what aging will pay attention to but from one dictator to another, vladimir putin on wednesday on abc president biden called him a killer. in response to that vladimir putin wished joe biden good health and challenged the president to a live discussion. is this vladimir putin's -- is this indicative of the relationship they will have? >> it is fairly humorous myself. the public policy formulation, biden is responding to a leading question, is letter men a killer, most of us believe he is, we got an honest statement
5:28 am
but it is not policy formulation. how we think about vladimir putin, vladimir putin's response is sarcastic, calling out biden in a debate. here is the other issue. the previous obama administration always talked tough with russia and the trump administration did not talk tough with putin but the trump administration was tough on public policy formulation against russia's expansion. remains to be seen they are going to stand up to putin and russia the way they are beginning to stand up against china and that is something we have to watch and wait for. putin has always believed he was inside obama's head and had his way with him and there's evidence to support it. i think putin things he can do the same with biden. remains to be seen. i wouldn't make much of these
5:29 am
statements, let's follow the policy and follow the action. pete: whether or not our foreign adversary's see us as fundamentally serious or not or are we caught in a woke hurricane with walls around our own capital? a piece of evidence that might add to the way they perceive us. the chief of naval operations posted a reading list, six notably progressive or social justice books, how to be antiracist, sexual minorities and politics, the new jim crow. you probably put together army reading lists. i imagine they didn't look much like this. what does it say about the priorities of the pentagon? >> this has nothing to do with professional education of offices and month commissioned officers and troops. the military has a robust professional education system that is the envy of other militaries around the world so
5:30 am
put that aside. many leaders provide a reading list to give our troops in context in how they are operating. most of those reading lists are much more along the lines of leadership, what america stands for in terms of constitutional democracy and the military's relationship with democracy and things about strategy, military operations, they expand their mind a little bit. i think it is misguided, social issues, i don't think it is the military -- it doesn't mean we don't have impact of social issues taking place in society within the united states military. of course we do. but i don't think it is appropriate so to speak to bring in that controversy and that kind of division that is out there in america into the ranks of the military.
5:31 am
what he is thinking here, he wants to have been exposed to different ideas and fully appreciate challenges that have taken place in america. i've got it. pete: i don't want to lose you, much different reading list than i had in college. as we mark women's history month, sandra day o'connor, first woman in the supreme court takes a look at her life and legacy after this. acetaminophen blocks it. advil dual action. fast pain relief that lasts 8 hours. it all starts with an invitation... experience lexus. the invitation to lexus sales event. lease the 2021 is 300 for $359 a month for 36 month's, and we'll make you're first month's payment. experience amazing.
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5:35 am
ainsley: fox news is elevating women's history month by showcasing the story of america's greatest women including the first a service supreme court justice, sandra day o'connor who turns 91 next week. shannon bream joins us now. >> reporter: ruth bader ginsburg had simple advice from her predecessor, she said just do it and that is what justice o'connor did. she did it in primary fashion. >> it is exciting to be the first to do something but i did not want to be the last. >> reporter: sandra day o'connor did succeed. a history making woman, a westerner, pragmatic conservative, grandmother and
5:36 am
first woman on the nation's highest court. they informed her unique and powerful process in american law and society. >> it is hard 40 years on to think about how unusual it was to have a woman nominated to the united states supreme court. >> reporter: ruth mcgregor was justice o'connor's first law clerk who herself later became chief justice on the arizona supreme court. she says her 1-time boss took her experience as a prosecutor, later a state senator, to forge a consensus minded strategy to deciding tough cases. >> it was a practical approach but one that was grounded in legal principle and respect for what the judiciary means to the american democratic government.
5:37 am
>> reporter: he colored sensible solutions, political and social questions, gun control, abortion access, civil and voting rights, executive power. that restrained flexible approach was shaped by her upbringing in the high desert of arizona. growing up on the vast lazy family ranch. >> we were 35 miles from the nearest town. >> reporter: she could drive a tractor and fire a rifle. >> i grew up on the back of the horse. >> leading to her 1981 nominations by president reagan. >> a person for all seasons. >> they were all but invisible on the front lines of american law, 5% of federal judges. >> someone opened so many doors that it was a joy to know that it did happen. jillian: being first came with a price, intense public scrutiny and pressure.
5:38 am
her toughness was on display when o'connor was diagnosed in 1988 with breast cancer. she was back on the bench within weeks after treatment. >> the worst was my public disability. there was constant media coverage. how does she look? when is she going to step down and give another vacancy to the court. you know? she looks pale to me. >> reporter: the quarter-century, o'connor was a force on and off the bench. her independent-minded winning the day. after leading the high court in 2006 she founded the sandra day o'connor institute for american democracy to promote civics education and civic engagement. the impact is still felt today. >> she shattered the glass ceiling of the judicial branch.
5:39 am
an equal branches of power. >> for democracy such as ours to function we have to have citizens that understand the process. ainsley: justice o'connor retired from public life in the early stages of dementia but kept it simple, for women get out and be impressive, the more people see women doing things the better it will be for all of us. >> the picture of all the female justices to together gave me chills. can't believe it wasn't until the 80s. look at that picture. stay with us. we've got another topic to talk about but if you want more stories like that go to our website, i read your book, read your book, with women of the bible speak, tell us about that and what you are doing on fox nation.
5:40 am
>> reporter: the story of 16 women, we have a queen, a murderer, prostitutes, amazing stories, people may not be familiar with, tucked into the bible, some of them were faithful from the beginning, some of them got off track but that was okay because god was working for their story as they came back to him. in a couple weeks, it will spell all of these out and fantastic people joined us, alvina king, sarah evans, kathy lee gifford, you can preorder, the fox nation series starts on march 20th, a special podcast as well. and very encouraged to. ainsley: god changed our lives so we can relate. congratulations. thanks for coming on. women of the bible speak start
5:41 am
streaming on fox nation on march 20 eighth. and get access to original content. and go by shannon's book. >> lawrence jones, having breakfast with friends live from oklahoma, stick around. start your day with secret.
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5:46 am
steve: we have been having breakfast with friends at the stray dog café. if you are ever around bethany, oklahoma, check that out, they lifted all the restrictions. that is why lawrence jones has had four omelettes this morning. >> reporter: little bit more than that. i love quality food, having such a great time with these folks and love the country. they love the culture here and want people to open up safely. let me talk to some folks. mister connor is a young man excited about going back to school. tell me about the time you had when things were shutdown. >> it was rough. school especially.
5:47 am
my grades slouched and i went from being a straight a student to less than that. it was tough and mental health is a big deal. i dealt with it some but in oklahoma, less than other states. the people i see every day was rough and some of my good friends, really struggled with it. >> reporter: how do you feel that things are opening back up? >> it is awesome. everyone is excited, we are done with it. we want to get out there. we are teenagers, we are restless and want to do stuff. >> you got your son back.
5:48 am
>> definitely. >> reporter: i got to go over, he is fired up about what is happening. and attorney here in town. what are your thought processes what happened over here? >> we don't know what is going on at the border because there are no moves coming out. when trump was in office we had constant barrages of news but now we don't know numbers, seems like a gag order in place. >> reporter: why do you think that gag order is in place? griff jenkins at the border right now, casey steagall, they don't want them doing ride alongs. >> to keep information from coming out, i think they made some bad mistakes right off the
5:49 am
bat, doing what they can to cover it up or at least minimize it. >> back to you in new york but these people are safe, they wore the mask, they want their businesses to flourish and want kids back in school. this is a thing for the country, florida, oklahoma, texas, back to you guys. steve: oklahoma is okay, that is what it used to say on the license plate. 8:49 on the east coast. coming up you could win 10,$000, tom is here with a preview of what you need to know to win big but let's check out what is coming up at the top of the show. >> reporter: we will get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the biden administration restricting access to the media. information about vaccines and
5:50 am
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>> looking for a chance to win big? the super 6 apps is giving you an opportunity on the quiz show game.
5:54 am
>> you have to answer 6 questions, not 5, not 7, correctly. steve: we will make it easy for you. we will talk about the questions you have to answer quickly to win 10,$000 after that we turn to tom schelloo from fox nation. ainsley: we can't hear you. >> reporter: download the apps. it is easy to download. super 6 is the keyword. question number one of the following drivers, who will record the fastest lap in stage i? martin truex junior, joey? steve: i'm going be because that is one more people are voting on. pete: i will go with kyle busch. >> martin truex junior. how about this?
5:55 am
question number 3, which city has the highest temperature the first day of spring? louisville, indianapolis or a tie. ainsley: i will go with myrtle beach. i am from south carolina. pete: i will go with nashville, tennessee. >> could be. you've got to predict the future. question number 5, best comedy series at the writers guild awards. curb your enthusiasm, what we do in the shadows. >> i will go with curb your enthusiasm. steve: i'm going to last oh. >> reporter: for some reason they have the grade here. maybe it is great.
5:56 am
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>> download the fox news app. open your camera. scan the qr code at the bottom of the screen and watch pete's show this weekend. >> bill: good morning, fox news exclusive from the southern border. behind the scenes look, a rare one by the way, at the migrant crisis the white house apparently doesn't want you to see taking a ton of heat for a lack of transparency about what is happening down there. that's video that many times we have not been able to bring to you but we can today. as we say good morning on friday bill hemmer live in new york city. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." what i'm excited to get to griff jenkins' reporting. the reporters have been demanding tell the department of homeland security to allow them media access. that hasn't been forthcoming. we were able to get this


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